Tyminski – Tyminski Holds a Mirror to Humanity with Southern Gothic
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It’s a long way from bluegrass to EDM, but Dan Tyminski has proved that making the leap can be done. As a member of Union Station, the famed guitarist spent years adding gorgeous lines to Allison Krauss’ music. His own impressive vocals became evident when an update of the country classic “Man of Constant Sorrow” was used in the Coen Brothers film, ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou’ in 2000 - Tyminski’s talent were center stage. In 2013 he connected with Avicii, who was experimenting with various singers on his ‘True’ album. The result was ‘Hey Brother,’ whose video clocked more 130 million views. His new album’s vibe is explained in its title. ‘Southern Gothic’ has moody feel, heavy and agile at the same time. Its songs investigates some of the conundrums of living in the modern South. “It’s poppy, rocky, bluegrassy, folky, swampy, creepy and nerdy,” he tells Vevo’s Kim Taylor Bennett. It’s also fierce. From “Hollow Hallelujah” to “Perfect Poison,” there’s an intensity at play. Find about more about it, and hear how his daughter teased him about working with Avicii.

Producer: Kim Taylor Bennett

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